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Library Quote of the Week
Library Quote of the Week

Monday, 18 April 2011

Week 4 Wikis

Thing 8: Read about Wikis and explore Wikipedia.

What is a Wiki?The term 'Wiki' was first coined by Ward Cunningham and it originates from the Haiwaiian word 'wiki wiki' meaning quick. Wikis are web-based application which allow people to edit content on a chosen topic online. Wikis are an easy tool for organising content and sharing ideas.
Read and watch more about Wikis below.
Take a look at Wikis in Plain English from Common Craft
7 Things you should know about Wikis
Check out the wiki leaks site @ Wiki leaks
Wikis Vs Blogs - A fictional debate between JFK and Richard Nixon on the propriety of using blogs vs. wikis.

Thing 9: Explore how libraries are using Wikis. Check out the 23 Things @ SPD Wiki and make a contribution to the Wiki.
Check out some library related Wikis.
Library Wikis is a wiki for sharing about how libraries are using wikis
Library Best Practices Wiki
National Library of Australia Wiki
Check out the and make a contribution to the wiki. To do this you will first have to set up a wikipsaces account. You will have received an invitation by email to become a member today.
Don't forget to blog about your thoughts and experiences with Wikis.

Extra Activity (optional)
Check out some Wikis that are of interest to you personally.
See below links to wiki indexes.
Wiki Index
List of Wikis

Play Activitiy (optional)
Following from last week's exercise on comic strips, take a look at Comic Life. Comic life is available on a free trial basis for 30 days. Play around with the Comic Life application and blog about your experience. Check out the Comic Life Wiki for ideas.
If you created a comic strip last week, compare your experience of Comic Life with your experience of bitstrip last week.