Library Quote of the Week

Library Quote of the Week
Library Quote of the Week

Getting Started

  1. If you have not already registered for the programme please sign up by sending an email to
  2. When you sign up you will receive a weekly email containing a link to the week exercises for that week. Each participant will need to set up a Google account in order to participate in the programme. Remember to keep a note of your login and password in the notebook provided. 
  3. Setting up your 23 Things blog is the final exercise for week 1. Your blog is where you will track your learning and where the programme moderators will learn about what is going well and what needs to be improved. Therefore the blog is an essential exercise to take part in the programme. 
  4. Once you have created your blog, please email the name of your blog to Your blog name will be added to the blog list of the main programme blog. If you chose to remain anonymous your own name will not appear. You can remain completely anonymous if you set up a google account with a username which does not reflect your own name or role. eg. 
  5. Please read the FAQs before you start.

We hope you enjoy the programme. Please post a message to the main blog if you are having any problems or send an email to