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Library Quote of the Week
Library Quote of the Week

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Phase Two Week Five

The final two things!
This week is a lot about having fun with the applications.

Thing 22 Explore some image generators 
Image Generators are a great way to explore your creativity online.
Create a personal logo or graphic to represent your online identity.

Chose from the great variety available online. Some examples include:
Smurf Yourself (Are we there yet Papa Smurf?)
Make a mosaic from an image at Image Mosaic Generator
Jelly Muffin has a variety of image generators including 'cartoonize yourself', 'For Dummies' mock book covers, and a personalised tombstone generator (!).

Thing 23 Explore Scribblar  a free interactive whiteboard application. 
First take a look at the Scribblar Demo, you need to register to see this demo.
Consider how Scribblar could be used in the context of the Cregan Library staff.
Liaise with others in the group and use Scribblar to conduct some form of meeting or discussion with a colleague/s.

Extra Activity 1: Explore the text generator application Cooltext

Extra Activity 2: Video Project 
Explore iMovie and Garage Band on the library Macs following on from last week's overview of video production. Post any questions about the applications to your blog.