Library Quote of the Week

Library Quote of the Week
Library Quote of the Week

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Phase two - week one

Hi all

Welcome back! I hope you are all set for the next 10 'Things'. A full list is available here.
Thing 14: Read about podcasts and explore how libraries are using podcasts.

What is a podcast?
A podcast is a series of audio or video files that are published in episodes and can be downloaded for use on a media player of your choice. Podcasts are often delivered through RSS feeds.
Read more on Wikipedia and watch the Common Craft video on podcasting.
Explore some podcasts, a useful directory or portal is Podcast Alley or for Irish podcasts check out Podcasting Ireland or's Irish section.

Thing 15: Explore how libraries and colleges are using podcasts and post an idea for a podcast for the Cregan Library to your blog.
Explore how libraries and colleges are using podcasting:
UCD 's Scolarcast
South Dublin Libraries
New York Public Library
JFK Library, Boston
For more examples, check out the Library Success Wiki list of library podcasts in the U.S.

Extra Activity 1: Create your own short podcast using Audacity and publish to your blog.
To create a podcast you will need to download Audacity, a free podcasting software available online.
Your podcast should be between 1 and 5 minutes long. Choose from the following topics:
  • What I like/dislike about podcasts
  • Film/book/music/tv review
  • Libraries and podcasting
First take a look at this tutorial on podcasting by the University of Oxford.

Extra Activity 2 (Video Project): Post an idea for a video for the Cregan Library to your blog or to the main blog.
The idea can be very simple e.g. a virtual tour of the library to add to the website or to use on induction days for students and staff. Check out some of the library themed videos which appeared on the blogs during phase one for inspiration.