Library Quote of the Week

Library Quote of the Week
Library Quote of the Week

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Phase Two: Week 4

File:Cloud computing.svg

Thing 20: Read about Cloud Computing.

The Library of Congress and the New York Public Library have teamed up to test the viability of cloud technology for long-term digital preservation through the DuraCloud Project. This Irish Times article on cloud computing in Ireland may also be of interest. Also check out this article on techsoup for libraries on the relevance of Cloud computing to libraries.

What do you see as the benefits/challenges of cloud computing? How do you think the Cregan Library could use cloud computing? Add your thoughts to your 23 Things blog.

Thing 21: Explore Google maps.
Locate the Cregan Library on Google maps. Find a place you would like to be right now (apart from work of course!) and embed the map into your blog. 

Extra Activity 1: Read about Google Docs and consider how Google docs could be used in the Cregan Library. 

Extra Activity 2 (Video Project): This week there will be a workshop on video production to get you started with your video project - 2.30pm at the Cregan Library (45mins - 60 mins approx.) This workshop will cover basics of making a video including storyboarding, audio recording, adding titles/graphics/effects, editing, camera shots.