Library Quote of the Week

Library Quote of the Week
Library Quote of the Week

The first 13 Things

Week 1: Theme: Getting started
Date: March 28th – April 1st
Thing 1: Read about the 23 Things Programme @ the Cregan Library.
Thing 2: Set up a Google account and create your own iGoogle page.
Thing 3: Read about blogs, set up your own 23 Things Blog and publish your first blog post.
Extra Activities (optional)
The 23 Things Programme has been offered at 300 libraries worldwide. Take a look at some of these blogs to learn about other participants' experiences.

Week 2: Theme: Social Bookmarking
Date: April 4th – 8th
Thing 4: Read about social bookmarking and explore the social bookmarking site Delicious.
Thing 5: Set up a Delicious account and add some bookmarks to your account.
Extra Activities (optional)
Share your bookmarks with others via email or Delicious.
Explore the social bookmarking site Diigo
Compare your experience of Delicious and Diigo in your blog.

Week 3: Theme: RSS Feeds
Date: April 11th – 15th
Thing 6: Read about RSS feeds. 
Thing 7: Explore RSS feeds and subscribe to at least three feeds. 
Extra Activity (optional)
Exploring additional elements of RSS feeds 

Week 4: Theme: Wikis
Date: April 18th – 22nd 
Thing 8: Explore and contribute to a Wiki
Thing 9: Explore Wikipedia
Extra Activity (optional)
Create a Wiki around the theme of Web 2.0 and libraries (Group exercise)

Week 5: Theme: Social Networking
April 25th – 29th
Thing 10: Read about Social Networking
Thing 11: Check out the Cregan Library Facebook and consider how this page could be used to publicise the work of the library. Extra Activity (optional)
Explore Facebook and explore how it is used by libraries.

Week 6: Theme: Libraries and Web 2.0
May 3rd - May 6th 
Thing 12: Library Thing
Thing 13: Creative Commons

Reflect on the 23 Things experience to date and add your final posting for this part of the programme to your blog. Congratulations on completing the first 13 Things.