Library Quote of the Week

Library Quote of the Week
Library Quote of the Week

The next 10 'Things'

Week One: Wednesday 6th July - Tuesday 12th July
Thing 14: Read about podcasts and explore some podcast directories.
Thing 15: Explore how libraries are using podcasts and post an idea for a podcast to your blog.
Extra Activity 1: Create your own short podcast using the free software Audacity.
Extra Acitivity 2 (Video Project): Post an idea for a video for the Cregan Library to the main blog or to your own blog. The idea can be very simple, such as a virtual tour of the library for users which you can add to the library website or use for induction days for staff and students.
Check out some of the library themed videos which appeared on the blogs during phase one for inspiration.

Week Two: Wednesday 13th July - Tuesday 19th July
Thing 16: Read about and explore YouTube
Thing 17: Upload a short video to YouTube
Extra Activity 1: Explore the application which allows you to create a 'mind map' online.
Check out the Cregan Libary 23 Things mind map for an example of how to use
Extra Activity 2 (Video Project): Use the free online application Celtx to draft a storyboard for your library video idea. Please note that the Celtx basic package only is free of charge.

Week Three:
Thing 18: Read about E-books in relation to information services.
Thing 19: Read about iTunes University and explore some recordings from Universities using this application.
Extra Activity 1: Explore Google books.
Extra Activity 2 (Video Project): Vote for the video concept you would like to produce for the Cregan Library.

Week Four:
Thing 20: Read about Cloud Computing
Thing 21: Explore Google maps. Find the Cregan Library on Google maps. Find a place you would like to be now on Google Maps and write about this place in your blog.
Extra Activity 1: Read about Google Docs and add a document to the 23 Things @ SPD Programme Google Docs account.
Extra Activity 2 (Video Project): This week there will be a workshop on video production to get you started with your video project.

Week Five:
Thing 22: Explore some image generators
Thing 23: Read about Scribblar and use Scribblar to manage a meeting with your colleagues.
Extra Activity 1: Check out text generator application Cooltext
Extra Activity 2 (Video Project): Video  Shoot